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For a concise style checklist for all MSP journals, see immediately below. APA style is strongly suggested for all initial submissions, and is mandatory for all final/revised submissions. For downloadable, general instructions see further down this page. For one of many online APA Formatting and Style Guides, click here. For any other style related queries, contact diederikjanssen[at]gmail[dot]com

Short Style Checklist

– APA (6th edition) is followed throughout;
– Take specific note of the use of A, B, and C-headers in APA (C can only follow B, which in turn can only follow A headers). Do not begin the manuscript with an “Introduction” header;
– On the title page: (1) include affiliations of all authors (using asterisks), (2) indicate corresponding author, (3) include correspondence snail mail + email;
– All tables and figures preferably appended to the manuscript, or collected in one separate file. All tables and figures have numbers and captions, are explicitly referred to in the manuscript text, and approximate insert points are marked in the manuscript text;
– Delete spaces (but retain dots) between author initials in the reference section; as per APA, do not use initial caps for all words in reference titles (just cap the first letter of the first word). Do not use any tabs or carriage returns to outline references in the reference section;
– All in-text references occur in the reference section, and all listed references occur in the text (tip: in Word, copypaste author names into the search section of the Navigation panel, Results section, and confirm all instances listed for accuracy);
– All art includes (1) copyright statement, (2) credit line/caption, and comes in 300 dpi B/W quality.

Style and Proofing

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