Why Fathers Count

Why Fathers Count: The Importance of Fathers and Their Involvement with Children (edited by Sean E. Brotherson and Joseph M. White) is an anthology (27 articles) dealing with the most important work that men ever do―being totally involved in the lives of their children and families. It is men’s strengths, their capacity to care and protect and give, that are needed by children, women, and men themselves. In a culture that questions the value of men in family life, we need a compelling perspective on what men can contribute to their families and communities and insight on the ways in which fathers and father figures make a meaningful difference. Why Fathers Count offers that insight, giving a fresh and powerful perspective on the meaningful contributions of fathers and father figures to the lives of children and families.

© 2007 / 448 pp / 6 x 9 / 978-1-931342-05-6 (pbk) / 978-1-931342-06-3 (hdbk) / 978-1-931342-07-0 (e-bk)

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