The Divorcing Father’s Manual

The Divorcing Father’s Manual: 8 Steps to Help You and Your Children Survive and Thrive is a self-help book that teaches both custodial and non-custodial fathers to cope successfully with their divorce in a way that is healthy for their children. This book guides a father through all steps of the emotional healing process while enabling him to maximize his role as a productive, involved dad. The Manual helps him to focus on a non-adversarial divorce and to establish a lasting business-like relationship with his ex-wife. Dads are also given practical hands-on skills that they will need in order to be successful divorced fathers as well as a strategy to incorporate his children sensitively into his new relationships.

© 2005 / 192 pp. / 6 x 9 / 1-931342-02-4 (paperback) / 1-931342-03-2 (cloth) / 1-931342-04-0 (e-version)

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