International Guide to Literature on Masculinity

International Guide to Literature on Masculinity is a bibliography of scholarly publications dealing with masculinity. International in scope, it lists citations by world region, selected nations, selected American ethnic minorities and two world religions (Christianity, Judaism). It also includes one historical section on the Greco-Roman World. Specific countries covered include Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia (and former Soviet Union), Canada, United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. Specific ethnic minorities covered include American Indians, African-Americans, Asian Americans. Covers materials written in West-European languages, mostly English, Spanish, and German. Materials covered include books, book chapters, journal articles, selected doctoral dissertations (1985-2007), conference proceedings, and previous published bibliographies. Includes compiler’s introduction, acknowledgment, and table of contents.

© 2008 / 312 pp / 8.25 x 11 / 978-1-931342-17-9 (pbk) / 978-1-931342-18-6 (e-bk)

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Review in Feminist Collections 

“A formidable contribution to scholarship on masculinities, documenting the worldwide scope of this field; a guide to research, conceptualization, and policy debates
in every continent.”
Raewyn W. Connell – University of Sydney

“This is an indispensable aid for navigating a way through the huge and ever-expanding field of masculinity studies. The Bibliography’s global scope reflects the way in which an interest in men and masculinities has been taken up in different contexts around the world. Janssen is to be congratulated for drawing together so many sources and making them so accessible.”
Robert Morrell / University of KwaZulu-Natal