Future Perspectives for Intervention, Policy and Research on Men and Masculinities


Future Perspectives for Intervention, Policy and Research on Men and Masculinities: An International ForumCo-edited by Gilles Tremblay and François-Olivier Bernard

The Masculinities & Society research team is proud to present these proceedings coming out of one of the most important conferences on men’s issues. Bringing together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and graduate students from 27 countries and diverse disciplines including psychology, social work, sociology, medicine, nursing, anthropology, religious studies, and literature, to name only a few, this conference was a forum aiming to review the individual, family-related and social issues of concerns, as well as governmental policies, currently affecting boys and men. (From the introduction)


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Publication date  November 2012

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About the Editors

Gilles Tremblay is a social worker and professor in Social Work at Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. He has been studying men and masculinities for about 30 years. All his studies have focused on men and masculinities, particularly in terms of intervention. His sabbatical, coupled with regular participation in international conferences, has allowed him to connect with about thirty researchers on men and masculinities in twenty different countries. He is actively working to develop an international network of researchers in this field. He is the current chairman of the research team Masculinities & Society, grouping 23 francophone researchers from 8 universities, mostly in Quebec in partnership with 20 community and governmental organizations. He currently chairs a national task force on familial homicides in Quebec.

From 2007 to 2012, François-Olivier Bernard has been the relations officer for the Masculinities & Society team. He has spent the last ten years working on different research projects in the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Family Violence and Violence against Women (CRI-VIFF). Bernard is a social worker and has practiced with men who have histories of violent behaviors, the subject of his master’s thesis. He currently works for AutonHommie, a resource center for men in Quebec City.