Special Journal Issue Proposals


MSP welcomes proposals for thematically focused journal issues.

A proposal ideally includes (1) intended journal; (2) a working title; (3) candidate guest editor(s); (4) brief outline of thematic scope; (5) organization of manuscript solicitation and blind peer review rounds; (6) rough projected time frame (think manuscript solicitation and CfPs, peer review round, revision round, final review round, copy-editing, type-setting, proofing).

For our semi-annual journals, the typical publication window is 12 months. For our tri-annaul journals, this may vary. A typical issue includes 5-6 regular-length (7,000-9,000w) articles and a guest editor’s/s’ introduction. Short contributions, review essays, field reports, or discussion papers may also be considered, conjoined to journal sections where possible. At least one senior guest co-editor is preferred.

Please submit proposals in a Word file, by e-mail, to the respective journal editor. A prompt acknowledgment of the submission will follow; a definitive anwser will in most cases be given within 7-10 days. For any further question, please refer to the respective journal editor. For general inquiries, e-mail us at publisher[at]mensstudies[dot]com.