Steve Robertson

Editor (IJMH)

Steve worked in the UK National Health Service for over twenty years as a nurse and health visitor, before commencing a career in research in 1999. He completed his PhD at Lancaster University in 2003 and has since been involved in a variety of research and evaluation projects. His main interests and publications are around social theories of masculinity and their application to aspects of health and illness but he has also worked on: masculinity and disability; the sociology of (male) bodies; fathers and fatherhood; men, masculinity and mental well-being; evaluating men’s health programmes, and men’s engagement (or not) with health services. He has over 25 peer reviewed journal papers, his first book, Understanding Men & Health: Masculinities, Identity and Well-Being, was published by O.U. Press in Autumn 2007 and his second, edited text, Men, Masculinities & Health: Critical Perspectives, was published by Palgrave in Autumn 2009. Steve has an increasing international reputation and has worked and produced publications with fellow academics, policy makers and practitioners from Australia, the United States and Canada. He was a founding member of the European Men’s Health Development Foundation, and he has also acted as a consultant on gender and men’s health to the UK Department of Health and to WHO (Europe).