CS&M 5(2): Men and Masculinities in Higher Education

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CS&M VOLUME 5  ISSUE 2 : Men and Masculinities in Higher Education

Guest Editor: Jason A. Laker , PH.D.

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“The purpose of this special issue of Culture, Society & Masculinities is to invite and direct an inquisitive gaze toward the deployment of masculinities within the contexts of higher education. Obviously post-secondary education is itself an enormous area to explore. So, this is a small collection, but I believe it is a very good one, thanks to the diligence, creativity and intellect of our scholarly colleagues who provided articles for this issue.” (FROM THE GUEST EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION)

ABOUT THE GUEST EDITOR: CS&M Editorial Board Member Dr. Jason Laker (http://www.jasonlaker.com) is co-author of Masculinities in Higher Education (with Tracy Davis, Routledge, 2011) as well as editor of the reader Canadian Perspectives on Men and Masculinities (Oxford, 2011).

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