19 Ways that Matters to Healthy Skin – In Depth Guide

Having healthy and beautiful skin is essential for a well-groomed appearance. However, many people frequently have to deal with skin impurities. However, this does not always indicate a lack of care. After all, we are regularly exposed to fluctuating hormones and various environmental influences, which also change our skin’s appearance. But this can be reduced!

So there are rules that make every skin type look more vital and beautiful. And the best thing is that they are suitable for women and men of all ages.

1. No Tobacco Consumption!

It is no secret that tobacco is unhealthy. And everyone who wants to have beautiful skin but still smokes should be aware of this.
The consumption of tobacco products changes the moisture development of the skin. Therefore, smokers (including passive smokers!) have to reckon with an early and strong wrinkle formation.

2. No Alcohol Consumption!

Alcohol damages not only the internal organs but also the skin. This is particularly noticeable if too much has been drunk the night before. The next morning the skin only looks flabby and pale. There is a plausible reason for this: alcohol contains chemical substances that draw moisture from the skin. Anyone who also consumes alcohol on a long-term basis promotes liver damage and more pronounced wrinkles, pale skin, and huge pores.

3. No Stress!

It is not for nothing that the skin is also called the mirror of the soul. Any stress can leave its mark, especially on the Face. Of course, many effective creams reduce mental tension, at least externally. But it is more helpful to take a little time for yourself because quiet moments are essential for body and soul.

4. Regular Sleep!

So it is vital to get enough sleep every day to maintain healthy skin texture. In the best case, an adult person sleeps seven to eight hours per night. The so-called afternoon nap also helps the body, but not the skin. The skin texture will only stabilize if regular and sufficient sleeping times are observed.

5. Doing Sports!

So sport is not only good for physical fitness but also a beautiful complexion. Sporting activities improve the blood circulation of the whole organism. Of course, the skin also benefits from this. Ideally, sports are performed in fresh air. Oxygen revitalizes the skin and is a wonderful fountain of youth.

6. Pay Attention to Air Humidity!

Especially during the wintertime, the air in the room is too dry. But air conditioners can also provide too dry air in summer. And the drier the air, the drier the skin becomes. So it would be best if you always used a room humidifier.

7. Drink a lot!

This is always so easy to say because most people still drink far too little. To maintain healthy and beautiful skin, it is important to drink enough. However, it is necessary to drink water. Teas are also allowed as long as they do not contain sugar. So two liters of it should be drunk daily to promote a beautiful skin appearance.

8. Nourish Healthy!

Beautiful skin is sufficiently supplied with the right vitamins and minerals. Therefore it is recommended to consume only fresh food. The consumption of fast food, sweets, and convenience products quickly leads to pimples or pale skin color. Deep-fried food should also not be part of a healthy diet.

9. Hands Away from the Face!

Touching the Face with unwashed hands should always be avoided. Since our hands are frequently in contact with various bacteria, they are a great danger for healthy facial skin. It is, therefore, advisable to disinfect all everyday objects regularly. Mostly many bacteria lurk on computer keyboards and phones.

10. Mild Skin Cleansing!

In general, aggressive care products should be avoided. These only additionally irritate the skin and instead promote impurities than reduce them. Only water and a gentle cleansing lotion should be used.

11. Day and Night Care!

Ideally, only a care series should be used with which good experience has already been gained. At night, high-quality night care is recommended. This can then unfold in peace and provide the skin with optimal care.

12. But it’s the Quantity that Counts!

Care products should not be applied thickly. This leads to the skin not being able to absorb everything and thus appears oily. So, always make sure to apply creams and lotions thinly and massage them slowly into the skin.

13. Age-Appropriate Skin Care!

People are always changing. And so the care must also be continuously adapted. After all, the needs of the skin change with age. So there are already many different care products that are adapted to the respective age.

14. Regular Care!

Also, the skin is a creature of habit. Care products that have a positive effect should be used regularly. This is the only way to guarantee that the skin remains beautiful and healthy in the long term.

15. The Seasons!

During winter days, the skin needs more oily skincare. Especially because the hot air is quite aggressive to the skin, only light care should be applied as soon as it gets warmer again.

16. Optimal Protection from the Sun!

Not only in summer, but in every sunshine, you should pay attention to appropriate skincare. Skin damage can quickly occur if an insufficient sun protection factor is used. Many cosmetic products already contain a sun protection factor. This should always be taken into account when making a purchase.

17. Care Showers!

Nourishing baths give the skin the right nutrients to look healthy and beautiful. Milk baths and ready-made bath mixtures with select vitamins and minerals are best suited for this purpose.

18. Mask and Peeling!

Peelings ensure that skin residue is removed. This frees the pores and makes the skin look finer. A mask should also be applied once a week to ensure that the skin continues to be supplied with the appropriate nutrients. It is advantageous to choose a mask that can best supply the skin. During the dry season, it is recommended to use a moisturizing version.

19. Help from a Professional!

Going to a cosmetician is especially advisable when skin impurities are a long-term concern. This is because it ensures that blocked pores are freed again. Already after a professional facial treatment, the skin looks healthier and more beautiful. In addition, the beautician can also give valuable tips on suitable care products.

If the rules are followed carefully and conscientiously, even older skin can shine again. To guarantee that the skin remains healthy, some of these rules should be included in daily care.